Why Leanin?

We are a group of community members who recognize the necessity of creating a dialogue about mental health and wellness for our teenagers. Our purpose is to encourage students to participate in ​individual or group counseling sessions​ for their emotional well-being. If they want friend support, their peers are encouraged to join the session. We are providing ​ FREE​, 60 minutes sessions of counseling services to youth ages 15 and older by local licensed therapists. Services are provided to the Jefferson, Clear Creek and surrounding mountain area communities. Youth younger than 15 can also partake in the sessions, but they need a legal guardian’s consent.

A growing body of research shows that internalizing stress not only causes mental illness, but also has debilitating effects on organ and tissue function. Researchers have found that childhood stress essentially embeds in immune cells, prompting long-lasting changes in how genes are expressed and causing the body to go into ​a chronic inflammatory state.​ We talk about our physical ailments frequently, yet mental illness still carries a stigma. Let’s start talking openly and honestly about what may be causing those physical illnesses, our mental ailments. Let’s start discussing the stress, anxiety, depression, etc. and the growing number of youth that consider suicide as an option. Let’s start understanding the pressures and hopelessness our teenagers are feeling and start educating them about how their perception of the world and ability to be resilient greatly impacts their emotional well-being and potentially their physical well-being.

There are more stressors today on teens than in any other generation. IGen, or people born between 1995 and 2018 are on the brink of the worst mental health crisis in decades. 24% of high school students have seriously thought about suicide (National Mental Health Association), one out of every twelve youth attempt suicide every year with twelve actual suicides each day (Center for Disease Control Prevention) and the numbers continue to rise.

Open-mindedness about mental illness is necessary in order to promote communication about mental wellness. Youth have incredible ​resiliency​ beyond their knowledge. If only each one of them believed in the greatness inside of them and their unlimited potential. At their core, they are strong, confident, full of love, kind and balanced, but sometimes they are bombarded by negative stressors (grades, sports, meeting expectations, social life, too much going on), feelings of unworthiness, loss of hope, internal and external pressures, fear, disappointments, hurt, grief, a distorted self-perception, and the list seems to go on and on. Some of this can trigger anxiety, stress, depression, phobias, and a variety of other negative reactions. We want to help youth understand that the negativity, which may seem like a dominating presence, is only temporary and can be challenged and dissolved by different methods which will lead to the path of healing. With guidance, our teens have the ability to find success in many of the following areas: cultivating healthy relationships; smoothly navigating their world; focusing in class; creating time and finding balance for their studies, activities, and social life; openly and honestly expressing opinions and emotions; participating in critical analysis of issues; developing a voice; taking action; creating autonomy; making a positive difference in our world; taking on responsibilities; among others. Most teens facing mental struggles can be successfully treated if they seek the right help!

Let the Leanin.team counselors empty our teenager’s emotional “backpacks”, co-create a healthy perception of themselves and their environment and teach skills and tools to empower them to resolve issues so they can arise and become resilient!

Signs which may indicate your teenager could benefit from our services:

Emotional changes
Be alert for emotional changes, such as:
Behavioral changes
Watch for changes in behavior, such as:

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