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Mike Johnston at the kickoff at back to school night
Missing our great Educator Ambassadors since they were meeting with parents. Mike Johnston, Thank you for your Inspiration and Leadership.
What is Mental Health?
The Stigma of Mental Illness | Sam Cohen | TEDxYouth@SRDS
What I learned from my social media fast | Amber Quinney | TEDxYouth@Buffalo
The Listen Project – making mental health a normal conversation
I'm Okay | short film about anxiety
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Our purpose is to encourage students to participate in sessions devoted to personal or group discussions on the full range of mental health issues. These may address personal issues or school and group matters and may vary from basic social and emotional concerns to depression and suicide. There are numerous obstacles now that discourage such participation – the stigma associated

with mental health and the economic cost of obtaining counseling services. Our goal is to offer a convenient, free and confidential means for obtaining these services. Licensed therapists in the community have agreed to donate time and meeting space has been donated.

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